Peri Schwartz

About The Artist

Peri Schwartz is a New York based artist whose powerful paintings, prints and drawings are said to blend realism and abstraction with predominating angles, shapes and lines.

Ms. Schwartz studied at Boston University’s School of Fine Arts and received a Masters of Fine Arts at Queens College.

Her work is included in many public and museum collections including the British Museum, the Corcoran Gallery, the Fogg Art Museum, the Boston Museum, the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, the Yale University Art Gallery and the New York Public Library.

Paintings, Prints and Drawings

Boston Globe Review of Peri Schwartz

By Cate McQuaid | Globe Correspondent

April 18, 2012

Peri Schwartz has a deft painting show. She maps her works onto a grid, so at first glance they appear flat, gestural, and purely abstract. But look again: It’s a studio space. In “Studio XXVII”, she paints a worktable to the right in pale green that suggests reflective steel or glass. A black table, further back, is stacked with verticals — perhaps the spines of books. A passage of red may be a canvas resting against the wall. Each gesture, each block of color is like a playing card in the house of cards that is this space. One shift, and the scene threatens to collapse delightfully into abstraction.

Easel Does It

Style Weekly: March 6, 2012

(Peri) Schwartz disrupts the tension between line and organic form to create an abstract image. She uses the traditional, old-master grid system to organize her compositions, which is crystal clear in the image.

Schwartz is a career artist of more than 30 years, working with drawing and printmaking as well as paint. Across genres, her work expresses a strong discipline bordering on compulsion. And it works. In the Bottles & Jars series of paintings, the same subject is revisited with varying magnitudes of color, line and space. The focus changes in her prints and drawings of the same subject. “By eliminating color I can focus on the composition and light,” she says. “When I return to painting after drawing, color becomes the subject.”

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